I believe that food is medicine, food is life — but celebrations with food should be about what you love, not what you can’t have.

– Ashey Gutmann, Chef & Owner

Our passion is bringing you the flavors that help you express your love for one another.

Why do we love what we do at Cinnamon and Sage? With each event, we get to play an important role in what will be an unforgettable memory: bringing your loved ones together with delicious food. There’s nothing more satisfying to us than rising to the challenge of surprising you with the perfect combination of something favorite, something special, and something new.

Ashley Gutmann, Chef, Owner

Why does Chef Ashley love food? “Food communicates love,” she says. Ashley holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Hospitality Administration from Boston University, and a Master’s in Fine Cuisine from Le Cordon Bleu Paris. Her background as a food product development consultant for PepsiCo and McDonald’s speaks to her innovative nature and informs her continuous search for new ways to help her clients enjoy food. Ashley embodies hospitality in the warmest, most welcoming sense, and her passion for sharing fantastic, diverse, and delicious fare with her clients shines through as a core value of Cinnamon and Sage.

SiLaine Closson, General Manager

“We’re in the business of saying yes,” SiLaine often says. “If a client dreams about a particular detail, I make it happen – and I love finding creative, practical ways to do so.” SiLaine brings over two decades of industry experience to the Cinnamon and Sage team. Driven by the joy of meeting new people, hearing their ideas, and then organizing the perfect event, she ensures every detail is addressed in a way that people truly love. SiLaine listens to each client’s needs and wishes with excitement as she determines how to get them from point A – the conversation – to point B – the catered celebration they’ve been dreaming of.