More and more couples are moving away from traditional wedding dinner service – you know the plate, airline chicken breast, a few carrots and some mashed potatoes – and moving towards fun, creative and memorable food for their big day. Here is a list of our favorite ways to make your wedding reception food fun, memorable and affordable!

Interactive Food Stations

Interactive Food Stations bring the room to life and allow guests to customize their own food with interactive stations like a mac and cheese bar, nacho bar, guacamole bar, baked potato bar or sundae dessert bar. The options are endless and this can be a really great option for wedding parties that have a lot of guests with food allergies as the stations allow guest to completely customize their own meal.

Beer, Wine and Whiskey Flights

Beer, Wine and Whiskey Flights make cocktail hour fun and interactive by offering a flight of local craft beers, a tasting of some of your favorite wines or a flight of local whiskey. Guests get to try a variety of different options and tasting different options can spark conversation among guests who may not know each other very well.

Elevated Street Food

Street Food Fun;  we love the idea of elevated street food – especially for late night snacks. Walking Taco anyone?! Guests will be blown away by fun late night snacks options, ensuring that they are still talking about how great your reception food was all the way home.

Grazing Tables & Edible Displays

Grazing Tables and Edible Displays bring color and interest to all corners of your venue with different food displays. Charcuterie grazing tables, fresh fruits and veggies or maybe even a raw bar! These options can be more affordable than traditional passed appetizers and allow guests to load up a plate to curb before dinner hunger. 

Edible Favors 

 Make sure your guests don’t go home     hungry – give a “late night snack” favor or   maybe a “mini breakfast treat”. Your guests   will thank you when they don’t have to   purchase the $10 bag of peanuts from the   mini bar at their hotel 🙂